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About Alexandra

In addition to working as a makeup artist, Alexandra is also a licensed esthetician in PA and DE. In her experiences she has found facials are dominated by machines, with little focus on more personal hand to skin healing. Marketing has led consumers to believe that we need those abrasive, aggressive facials, in order for your skin to be clear or for “years” to be taken off the skin. Alexandra has a realistic approach to skin care.  As much as the advertisements try to persuade you, no one product or single facial is going to give you the long term results you are looking for.   What does work is cumulative skincare and preventative action. This means consistent at home skincare, regular facial massage (in the treatment room and at home!) and reducing sun exposure. Our skin is a living, breathing organ and a filtration system. We need to monitor what’s coming in and out regularly to keep it functioning properly, just like how we watch what we eat. Damage is cumulative and so is preventative care and correction. It’s so important to protect, correct and prevent daily to ensure that the cumulative benefits are in effect! 


Alexandra specializes in facial massage and holistic skin care, each of her services are transformative treatments which provide a relaxing, healing journey for the body, mind and spirit. The products used in the treatments are cruelty free, gluten free, pregnancy safe, non-irritating, safest for the most sensitive of skin, and yield incredible results. You can expect a facial service infused with a variety of massage techniques, energy work, aromatherapy, sound healing and more. Each facial is customized to include whatever is needed for your skin. No add ons, no confusion, just pick the amount of time you want to relax. Before we begin, you’ll fill out an intake form and we’ll have a brief consultation to ensure we tackle your needs.

'The Bath House' is my latest project, it's a pop up studio where I hold sound bath meditation and holistic facials. Join my email list for updates. 


I work with Kindred Skincare Co's as a retailer and esthetician.

You can also visit me at Blo Blow Dry Bar in Greenville for makeup or you can book me directly

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